Historically the craft of carpentry covered a very wide range of applications. Think of the great wooden ships that explored a new world, the elegant temples of the east.

All built by hand and heart

If you wanted it done, you found a good carpenter. Carpenters like to figure out how to make things work.

Good Carpenters know how to do things work “Right!”

Your Home, we see the big picture and understand how it all has to work together.

A short list...


  •       Drafting and  Design

  •       Windows and Doors


     Pella Certified Contractor

    Anderson repair specialist

    Glass repair and replacement

    Custom Door fabrication


  •      Roofing,

      Ice dams remediation, Cold roof retrofits


  •      Exterior Siding, Mill-work and Decks


  •      Kitchen and Bath

       Simple repairs to full renovations


  •       Additions


  •       Interiors


  •       Artisan Furniture


  •       Historical / old homes

       A specialty of A1 Carpentry Services, Please inquire directly.


  •       Drafting and  Design