Carpentry Services is principled by:

 Marcus Moe, Master Carpenter

I started an apprenticeship in 1974 with a man, who I now see as one of the few true geniuses I've ever met. He was a simple man who could seemingly make anything from nothing. I learned not just how to build and put things together, but how to see and make sense of complex problems and projects. I think of him often and am eternally grateful for his inspiration.

Those early lessons served me well as I gravitated to more difficult and complex projects. I developed an affinity for historic buildings and homes - built in a time before power tools, and when time didn’t seem to matter as much as the quality of the crafting at hand.

While it could be argued that the title of ‘Master Carpenter’ is a matter of semantics in this day and age, it implies broad competency and a wide and ever-expanding knowledge base. I enjoy the challenges and will consider taking on projects beyond others' comfort zone.